Scientific Freedom?

Over the years, Evolution has become more prevalent in our society. It is on Television, movies, in books, and in nearly every science classroom around the globe. It seems Darwinism has taken over the entire industry of science to the point where it is considered unacceptable to shed doubt on the theory or propose the notion of their being an intelligent designer. In fact, Scientists all over the world are getting fired, scolded, and even oppressed for their skeptical views on the evolutionary theory.

One example of this is a man by the name of Dr. Richard Von Sternberg. Dr. Sternberg has a PhD in molecular evolution and theoretical biology and when he was writing a paper for the Smithsonian Institute, he simply mentioned that intelligent design might explain the origins of life. After this incident he lost his office, was pressured to resign, and was investigated thoroughly. Sternberg even claimed that he was viewed as an “intellectual terrorist” by the chair of the department.

Another known case of this is one involving Dr. Caroline Crocker. She was a professor at George Mason University until her career came to a sudden end because of the mentioning of intelligent design in her cell biology class. She lost her job, and found her self unable to find work anywhere even though that before this happened she was almost always offered a job on the spot. “I don’t tell them about my science ‘sin’” Said Dr.
Crocker, “I was only trying to teach what the university stands for which is academic freedom.”

Dr. Caroline Crocker

Also, the media is even being influenced by Darwinist ideas. Journalists that try to take a non-biased approach on the idea of intelligent design are highly scrutinized in the light of the normal evolutionary way of looking at it. Pamela Winnick can attest to this as well as many others. When she refused to pick a side on an article that she wrote about intelligent design, the hate mail came rolling in. Pamela said this very compelling statement in response, “If you just mention intelligent design, you are just finished as a journalist.”

Pamela Winnick

All of these accounts were based on the idea that in no way can science and a higher power meet. In the scientific community, it is completely offensive to mention anything related to such a thing. That can only be explained as an infringement on freedom. Scientists should not be scrutinized for just exploring the possibility of a designer simply because that is where the evidence leads them. If we never let people question, we would still be believing that the sun revolved around the earth. Evolution is meant as a substitute for a higher intelligence, but just maybe, the real thing is a better scientific option than the substitute. If you wish to hear more about these topics watch Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed at this hyperlink.

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Image of Caroline Crocker:

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  1. Wow, this was hands down the best blog i have read this year. I didn’t see any spelling or grammer mistakes. And it was filled with information, good job.

  2. As I read your blog, alot of things caught my eye. The first thing I found interesting was the fact people lost their jobs just because they showed another possiblity of the theory. I liked how you used people who really experienced it and told their story. I also like how you used quotes from them. To me this showed how they really felt about this whole thing. In conclusion, your blog was very good and helped me learn about scienific freedom.

  3. This blog was very well written and you sounded like you knew what you were talking about. I loved reading the quotes and I didn’t know that the topic of evolution was so serious. I can’t believe that all of those people lost their jobs just for mentioning intelligent design.

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